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These codes will allow you to replace the generic contact table that MySpace provides with a unique on that expresses your style and personality. We have a small but growing collection of contact boxes in a variety of themes. Check back soon as we will be adding more contact tables.


Helpful Tip

To use one of our MySpace comments or glitter graphics, click in the text box under the image, this will highlight all of the html code in the box. Then copy the codes and paste them into your profile, comment, blog, or webpage. For more info please visit our FAQ

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MySpace Contact Tables

Designed just for MySpace users, these contact tables (contact boxes) will make your profile rock!

Express your unique personality and welcome people to your MySpace profile with on of our unique contact boxes.

To use one of these contact boxes, just copy the code in the box below the contact box and paste it anywhere in your profile. Enjoy!







Angels, Fairies and Mermaids
Contact Boxes that feature faeries, angels and mermaids

Animals: Cats
Kittens, Cats & Felines of all varieties.

Animals: Dogs
Puppies, Dogs and all sorts of Canines.

Animals: Other
Birds, Horses, Butterflies, all sorts of animals

Contact Tables featuring burning animated candles

Photos and images of cars, bridges, highways and other automotive-inspired themes.

Cool close-up photos of random objects.

Puppies, Dogs and all sorts of Canines.

Hydras, Serpents and other Dragons

Leaves and other scenes of autumn

Photos and glitter images of all sorts of flowers & floral themes.

Cool psychedelic patterns



All sorts of hearts and romantic themes.

Photos of Musical instruments, and other musical themes.

Mountains, lakes, trees and other nature images

Peace Signs
Contact Tables featuring peace symbols and other peace images

Polka Dots.
Dot Crazy!

Kisses, lips and other sexy images.

Smiley faces of all kinds.

Spirals, suns and starbursts of all sorts.

Beautiful photos of sunsets from exotic places.

Vintage photos, drawings, woodcuts and more

Wicca symbols

Snow and other winter themed contact boxes





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