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Designed for posting on social networking sites like Fubar, Xanga, Friendster or any other blog or friendship site!


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These fun Chain letters are designed for posting on MySpace, Xanga, Friendster or any other friendship site, web page or blog.

These letters are all in fun, no money, threats or other questionable stuff!

So send some luv today with one of these fun chain letters!   



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Or pick the one you want below...


Butterfly Kisses! You have been sent a butterfly kiss! Pass it on!

The Friendship Flower. Friendship is like a flower...
Top 10 Reasons to Smile! Smiling is good for you! So pass it on! Stupid Chain Letter. Congratulations! You've been sent another stupid chain letter!
Moooo-Ah! The Virtual Smooch! I just laid a big wet one on ya! 20 Angels. There are 20 angels in the world.
The Booty Train. Stand up and shake your fine booty! Sendin' Sum Luv. Pass on the luv!
The Friendship Ball. Throw it back to someone. The Shamrock Circle. You've been touched by the luck of the Irish!



These fun Chain Letters, or Hit Backs are great fun to send to all of your friends on MySpace or any other social networking site. If somebody sent you one of these hit backs and you need the codes to pass it on, this is the place to come! Or you can start a chain of your own by sending one of these great chain letters to all of your friends!




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